11th Apr: Lesley Garrett, Schubert and Thomas Quasthoff

Wednesday 11th April 2012


From Under The Arches To Royal Opera House: Homeless Get Their Break

A mother and daughter folk duo, a hip-hop collective and a poetry group from Aldershot are to perform at the Royal Opera House in a show with a difference: every performer has lived rough on the streets.

New Yorker

The Future Of Concert Halls

Watch an audio slide show, narrated by Victoria Newhouse, that explains how radical, ambitious designs are altering and deepening the experience of attending live performances


Mostly Mozart Plans Take Wing

The Mostly Mozart Festival, in its persistent search for variety, usually finds other composers to highlight. This summer will be no different: a dozen concerts will include works by Schubert, festival officials said on Tuesday.

Lesley Garrett On Britain’s Finest Industrial Architecture

The soprano and broadcaster talks us through her favourite pieces of industrial architecture


Don’t Miss: FutureEverything

With-it Manchester dwellers will have long been aware of the city’s annual festival of all things forward-thinking, FutureEverything, but this year’s music programme deserves special mention.

The Spectator

Spirit Of Schubert

Michael Henderson, who, every December, for the past decade, has laid a red rose on Schubert’s grave in Vienna’s southern cemetery, celebrates the great composer.

LA Times

Thomas Quasthoff Talks Retirement And His ‘Cripple Bonus’

German bass-baritone Thomas Quasthoff recently walked away from a odds-defying career of his own when the thalidomide-damaged singer announced his retirement at 52.

Influences: Violinist Leila Josefowicz

Leila Josefowicz has played a large number of works over her 34 years, but the violinist has a special relationship to John Adams’ Violin Concerto, to which she returns this weekend.