16th July: Elitism, Underground Orchestras and a Vivaldi Discovery

Monday 16th July 2012


Classical Music should be about more than elite parties and Private Schools 

“Exclusion in the classical music world stretches far beyond race” Andrew Mellor explores the existing tensions in the world of classical music.

Arts Journal- Slipped Disc

Oh Yuk! Smut author takes credit for classic chart success

Thomas Tallis’ Spem in Alium reaches number one in the charts after its feature in E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Going Down: London gets an underground Orchestra 

Musician Shaun Boswell tries to remedy the lack of good music on London’s underground.

Listen Up: It’s a post-modern take on Rite of Spring 

Composer and viola player Lev Zhurbin gives a 21st spin to folk music that Stravinsky used.

The Guardian – Music Blog 

Proms 2012: My Opera Highlights 

Tom Service picks his Opera Highlights from the programme of this year’s Proms.

BBC News 

Former Steel Worker Inspires Opera Cycle Song 

A former Steel worker and Olympic medalist Albert White inspires a community opera in Scunthorpe which featured as part of the London 2012 festival.

England’s Sistema youth orchestra programme expands 

Four new youth orchestras launch across England as a part of the In Harmony Programme inspired by Venezuela’s famous El Sistema.

Classic FM

Vivaldi’s “Bombshell” opera discovered 

A new version of Vivaldi’s Opera Orlando Furioso has been discovered in manuscript form almost 300 years after his death.

Higgs boson sounds like habanera

Newly discovered Higgs boson particle has inspired quite a different piece by Domenico Vicinanza.

Soprano’s live longer than altos  

Recent study by two doctors in Detroit suggests that Soprano’s live longer than altos.