8th November: Composers’ Letters Auctioned, Interactive Baroque Timeline, and Continued Cutbacks for Orchestras

Thursday 8th November 2012

Classic FM

Personal Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Gershwin letters to be auctioned

Letters from composers including Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Gershwin are to be auction in LA next month.

Classic FM launches new Baroque timeline

Explore a fully interactive musical journey from 1600 to 1750, and get to the best Baroque composers with Classic FM’s brand new timeline.

Classical Music Magazine

Royal Philharmonic Society announces 200th birthday plans 

The Royal Philharmonic Society has announced a year of events to mark its bicentenary in 2013.

Slipped Disc

The Royal Opera House gets into bed for a quickie with Murdoch’s Sun

Should we, as most decent citizens would, avert our eyes from the celebrity shag of the century?

Exclusive: English orchestra to be abolished in savage local cuts

We’ve been leaked a report, going out tomorrow, which confirms that the Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra is ti be abolished under local authority cutbacks.

Sydney violin, stolen in Vienna, is returned to despairing owner

Emma West, assistant leader of the second violins in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, had her violin grabbed by a thief as she rode the Vienna subway in September.

The Independent

The Week In Radio: Radio 3 needs an audience beyond this tiny elite

Is classical music really for everyone? This was the question posed by the writer and presenter Tom Service, chair of a live debate at the Sage in Gateshead as part of Radio 3’s Free Thinking festival, to which the answer is: if only.


Vladimir Ashkenazy to appear on BBC Radio 4’s ‘One to One’ – hear an excerpt!

Pianist and conductor speaks to Olivia O’Leary about how aging affects his career

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