Social Media

WildKat has a social media manager in every territory, working alongside our in-house design team to create engaging content for social media followers internationally. We are flexible with all of our campaigns. With social media, we can cover everything from idea generation of content all the way to writing the copy and scheduling posts, plus analysing their success, or we can work with an in-house team on specific elements.

Whether it’s a series of branded images and videos to countdown to your album release, designing adverts around your live stream, or even setting up your YouTube channel, WildKat’s expert teams are on hand to create moments to share far and wide.

Case Study

Bamberger Symphoniker

How did we reach 10,000 followers for Bamberg Symphony?

Since 2014, we have been supporting Bamberg Symphony’s Social Media team with courses about social media best practices, how to analyse their metrics, plus giving them tips and regular feedback about their channels. Since 2018, we have been fully in charge of their Twitter channel and support their team with campaign ideas and updating them on new tools for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


One of the most recent social media campaigns was BAM. We utilised this campaign specifically for Facebook, to achieve our aim of reaching 10,000 followers. We worked with the orchestra and their videographers to explore an overarching concept for a social media marketing campaign. Once the concept of BAM had been agreed upon and developed, we worked closely with the teams on the roll-out across social media. We planned the strategy and calendar of content from the “sneak peeks” to the big reveal, followed by a steady stream of content to maintain momentum.