Aspect Chamber Music Series

Chamber music

ASPECT was founded by Irina Knaster in London in 2011 and relocated to New York City in 2016. ASPECT presents a new concert format – one that transforms the traditional recital into an intimate, engaging, and thought-provoking blend of performance, speech, and image. Aspect Chamber Music Series was established to introduce and promote a novel concert format, ‘Music in Context’, which gives our audiences an opportunity to discover new aspects of music.

ASPECT aims both to support and promote artists, and to welcome audiences old and new to explore new aspects of a classical repertoire of endless riches. ASPECT’s idea is to establish a non-profit chamber music concert series has been met with great enthusiasm. They pride themselves on being about art for art’s sake. Therefore, their approach to programming is completely non-commercial and the success of their series depends solely on the support of their audience, in every possible sense.

We look forward to beginning a PR campaign to spread the word about this fascinating series.


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