Bath Festival Orchestra


The Bath Festival Orchestra, which re-launched in 2020, is committed in equal measure to artistic excellence and to developing musicians from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. The orchestra is so passionately committed to music education that the first thing they did, before performing any concerts, was to work with 11–14-year-olds in diverse communities to create an orchestra from scratch.

Since its debut concert in May 2021, the orchestra has launched a full programme of concerts designed to capture the imagination of both existing audiences and those new to classical music. 2022 is full of equally brilliant concerts and projects: From a concert in March which will see the orchestra bring Italian-born composer, Alba Rosa Viëtor’s, music out of the shadows with the UK premiere of Viëtor’s 1962 piece Five Symphonic Sketches, to establishing joint monthly concerts with the young musicians from the Bobby Moore Academy, taking place every month at St Mary’s Aldwych.

We are delighted to be working with The Bath Festival Orchestra for a UK PR campaign.


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