Brazilian Winds Ensemble


The Brazilian Winds Ensemble is a colourful chamber music lineup which shares  the cultural richness they have encountered throughout their careers in a creative way.

The Ensemble consists of five young Brazilians: Alan Pimenta (bassoon), Ariane Rovesse (clarinet), Franklin de Sousa Gomes Silva (oboe), Joana Gorenstein (flute) and Johann Pereira (horn). The group resides in Europe and was formed before the start of the Corona pandemic in 2020. They  believe in and seek a versatile repertoire that unites and respects all musical styles and origins. Their collection is fresh and contemporary and includes classical literature, newly composed works and arrangements, as well as traditional and popular Brazilian music. A large number of commissioned works, arrangements and musical ideas which flow abruptly into their music, establish an intimate and personal relationship among the wind quintet’s artists. 

Under the great influence of the Villa Lobos Quintet, the wind quintet of the OSESP (São Paulo Symphony Orchestra), the artists want to disseminate Brazilian classical and traditional music in Europe.



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