Fabian Ziegler


In his career, Fabian Ziegler has already achieved the goal of commissioning stunning new repertoire for percussion. The young Swiss percussionist is committed to bring the best of percussion repertoire to the people, and introducing them to new and striking pieces for solo percussion and chamber music with percussion Instruments.

His aim is to elevate percussion repertoire to another level, working on original and meaningful projects with leading composers in the international music world including John Psathas, Christos Hatzi, or Emmanuel Séjourné. With “Marimba Recital Concerts” Fabian founded his own concert series in September 2015, welcoming international guests from the world of percussion. In 2018, he also added the format “Swiss Percussion Night”.

Judging by his numerous prizes and awards such as the Migros Culture Percentage Study Prize or the Kiefer-Hablitzel / Göhner Music Prize, it is already known that Fabian is an unusually talented young musician. Ziegler fascinates the audience with his varied and imaginative programming and carries a multitude of instruments with him that he uses to create a wide variety of soundscapes. His repertoire ranges from Bach to Cage to Xenakis and beyond.

WildKat Berlin is thrilled to accompany Fabian Ziegler as he tours in Switzerland and New Zealand this summer, and for the release of his second solo album Modern Gods in October 2022!


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