Francesco Tristano

Pianist, Composer

Over the past 15 years, Luxembourg-based musician and producer Francesco Tristano has broken down the boundaries between classical and electronic music like no other, bringing the two genres together.

Tristano tours the world performing baroque and contemporary repertoire, records dance tracks for electronic music labels whilst continuing to work on albums woven from his own personal stories in which he explores the sensibility and tonal richness of the piano.

On his recent album “On Early Music” Francesco juxtaposes pieces by baroque composers with his own rhythmic and dancing compositions, featuring music by Girolamo Frescobaldi, Orlando Gibbons, John Bull and Peter Philips. The record is a return to what Tristano calls his first love – early music. Additionally, he released the first remix EP “Toccata Remixes” to his album, including remixes from Brandt Frick, Georgie Ward and L_cio. 

WildKat Berlin is thrilled to accompany Francesco Tristano as he tours in Europe in May 2022! 


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