Military Wives Choir

Choir and Charity

The Military Wives Choirs is a community of nearly 2000 women in 72 choirs across the UK and internationally, who come together to celebrate a love of singing and a communal understanding that comes from their members’ shared experiences of the Armed Forces. 

The first Military Wives choir was formed in 2010 by a group of women whose loved ones were deployed to Afghanistan.  It was followed by more choirs, three of which were featured in Gareth Malone’s two-part BBC documentary series ‘The Choir: Military Wives’. Two hit singles and four albums followed, before a film, Military Wives, based on their story and starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Sharon Horgan and Jason Flemyng, was released in 2019.

The Military Wives Choirs will celebrate 10 years since the formation of the charity with a series of five concerts taking place across the UK, each celebrating the uplifting network that the Military Wives Choirs has created through the power of singing.



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