PostKultur curates and delivers sustainable boxes with an exclusive cultural assortment, delivered directly to customers’ homes. The PostKultur boxes contain a diverse mix of cultural novelties, unknown treasures and exciting classics from music, literature, visual arts, dance, theatre and performance – including physical items, exclusive cultural experiences and digital features. PostKultur CityBoxes have already been presented in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, offering insights into the local cultural scene of each city. In May 2020, PostKultur also introduced the first subscription box and a PostKultur box for children.

Founded by Kathleen Alder in 2020, the team behind PostKultur has been working in the cultural sector for years; the idea for the company came through increased and frequent exchanges with artists and institutions.

For PostKultur, fair pay for the products and services provided by the participating institutions and artists is one of the main objectives, as well as the support of local cultural creators in particular.

WildKat is delighted to be working on Press and PR for PostKultur!


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