Silent Beat Records


Silent Beat Records is a modern Classical record company founded in 2018 as a division of Beat Dealer Records GmbH. Through their global repertoire Silent Beat Records has established itself as one of the most influential modern classical record labels worldwide. Since their launch they have released recordings from the likes of Vincent Corver, Justus Rümenapp, Jiri Horák, Javi Lobe, and many more.

In 2020, they had the first two-week takeover of the biggest global Apple Music playlist “Piano Chill” together with their artist Laurence Ipsum. 2021 Silent Beat Records achieved another takeover with Canada-based composer and pianist Milana Zilnik. Silent Beat Records represents artists such as Dominique Charpentier, The Masked Pianoman, and Wilson Trouvé. Its roster of international artists are featured weekly in worldwide playlists such as “Peaceful Piano” (Spotify), “Piano au Calme” (Deezer) and “Crescendo” (Amazon Music).

WildKat PR is happy to work with Silent Beat Records by promoting their music in France, Germany, US, and UK.


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