Simone Menezes


Known for her musical excellence and audacious, innovative repertory combinations, Italian-Brazilian Conductor Simone Menezes has previously conducted for orchestras including Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestre National d’Île-de-France, National Symphonic Orchestra of Brazil, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra and Orchestre National de Lille amongst others. Bold, varied programming is always at the heart of Simone’s work, as a means to inspire thought, conversation, and shape ideas. Simone’s projects encircle important topics: whether addressing deforestation and climate change, human differences or the importance of connection and the part music plays in that.

2021 is full of spectacular projects for Simone: This October, she’ll take to the Barbican Hall to lead the Britten Sinfonia in a bewitching concert centred around the deforestation effecting the Amazon rainforest. This autumn, Simone will also make debuts with the Munich Philharmonic, and the RSB, where she will lead the Babylon Orchestra and Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin in a concert celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall. Elsewhere, Simone will present renaissance art and the work of renowned composers including Arvo Pärt, Giacomo Puccini and Ennio Morricone. Looking ahead to 2022, Simone will lead the LA Phil New Music Group, Grammy-nominated Haitian American vocalist, flautist and composer Nathalie Joachim and American composer, performer and media artist Pamela Z in a spellbinding night of world premieres and female perspectives. 

We are delighted to be working with Simone Menezes on PR on a number of projects, across the UK, Germany, and the US.


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