No(s) Dames


In 4 centuries of masculine operas, heroines’ fate have been as monstrous as their arias are sumptuous. So what if, for once, Drama didn’t rime with Diva? What if we dared reversing the roles? What if we uncorseted gender stereotypes?

To women the musical direction, to man the agonies of love… For the 1st time, NO(S) DAMES dare reversing the roles to celebrate the divas’ arias without perpetuating their gender models: an operatic humanist manifesto built as an exquisite corpse of heroines of Bizet, Bellini, Gluck, Mozart, Piazzolla, Rossini, Verdi…

So… are No(s) Dames feminists? They are above all humanists, since untying the corsets of gender is left up to all of us, women and men united, so each one of us will be respected. In that sense, No(s) Dames is a lyric manifest of love, empathy and collective hope: raising fists but holding hands, and now on reaching out to you.

WildKat PR is thrilled to work again with NoMadMusic to promote the new disc of counter-tenor Théophile Alexandre and Quatuor Zaide. No(s) Dames will be released on February 4th 2022! Stay tuned!


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