Errollyn Wallen tells WildKat PR about her upcoming album PHOTOGRAPHY and her new lighthouse in Scotland

Thursday 17th March 2016

Would there be any better place to compose than a lighthouse on a cliff?

Errollyn met with us on a sunny afternoon in a café high above the busy streets of central London to talk not only about her projects and experiences, but also about the role her uncle had in her development as an artist and the recent purchase of her lighthouse. She will be releasing her highly anticipated album PHOTOGRAPHY, a compilation of orchestral works, on 18th March 2016 through NMC Recordings.

Errollyn Wallen has recently become the proud owner of a lighthouse in Scotland. With the surrounding views of beautiful Scottish landscapes, she can’t wait to experience composing and getting inspiration from that iodine atmosphere.

PHOTOGRAPHY is a powerful album that combines passion and beauty with a fearless, rigorous technique. It merges many renowned musicians such as Matthew Sharp, Nicholas Kok, Tim Harries as well as Wallen’s own Orchestra X, led by David Le Page. In order to create a unique soundworld, Wallen combined styles and ideas from across the centuries.

You can order the album following this link:

Visit her website here: www.errollynwallen.com