4th August: John Rutter celebrates 70, David Garrett cancel Proms appearance, and applying the John Lewis model to orchestras.

Tuesday 4th August 2015

Classical News

In today’s news John Rutter celebrates his 70th birthday, and violinist David Garrett cancels his Proms in the Park appearance in London. Classical Music Magazine asks if the John Lewis model can be applies to orchestras, and The Little Orchestra Society plans to cut performances by half as it tries to get back on firmer financial footing and reinvent itself for a younger audience.


Monteverdi’s Orfeo: ‘a brilliant and compelling fable to the inalienable power of music’

Monteverdi might be surprised to find himself hailed as the inventor of the opera, and he disclaimed the role of revolutionary, but his Orfeo is a radical, innovative and extraordinary work

Classic FM

John Rutter celebrates his 70th birthday: ‘I’m still 27 inside’

John Rutter reflects on his career as one of the most celebrated and popular composers of the modern era – and he’s looking forwards, not backwards.

The Strad

Violinist David Garrett cancels Proms in the Park appearance in London

The German musician announced his withdrawal on his Facebook page

Classical Music Magazine

Could the John Lewis model be applied to our orchestras?

In the July issue of CM, my article ‘Are our orchestral musicians “violin operators” or “evangelists for our art”?’ challenges us to find a way to make our musicians both employees and owners of their orchestras.

All Africa

Nigeria: I Want to Change Perception About Classical Music – Chichi Nwanoku

Chichi Nwanoku is a United Kingdom-based Nigerian artiste who is making her mark in Chamber Music. The recipient of the MBE Award from the Queen of England, speaks about her love for music and making a difference in black and minority ethnic groups with her foundation, Chineke! She also talks about her upcoming Europe’s first Black and Minority Ethnic professional orchestra.

Die Welt

Kirill Petrenko nimmt Abschied von Bayreuth

Der Dirigent Kirill Petrenko geht mit sinfonischer Wucht. Sein Regisseur Frank Castorf hat sich im dritten Jahr weniger Mühe gegeben mit dem “Ring”. Als Konsequenz seiner nihilistischen Ziellosigkeit.

Der Tagesspeigel

Sommermatineen im Musikinstrumenten-Museum Weißwein und Wachtraum

Bei der vierten Sommermatinee im Musikinstrumenten-Museum spielt das Quartet Tokio Berlin einen heiteren Haydn – und einen viel zu ernsten Beethoven.

Klassik Akzente

Aus alt mach’ neu – 64 neue alte Titel bei “Manufacture on Demand”

Insgesamt 5000 Aufnahmen erscheinen in maßgeschneiderter kleiner Auflage wieder auf dem Markt. Mit dabei: Raritäten des Klassik-Labels Mercury Living Presence.

The New York Times

The Little Orchestra Society Limits Schedule and Aims for Younger Audience

The orchestra — an important part of New York City’s music scene since 1947 that has focused in recent years on classical music for children — plans to cut the number of performances it gives next season nearly in half as it tries to get back on firmer financial footing and reinvent itself to appeal to new generations of concertgoers.

France Musique

Le chef Andris Nelsons prolongé à Boston

Le chef d’orchestre letton Andris Nelsons a prolongé son contrat de directeur artistique de l’Orchestre symphonique de Boston. Il est maintenant lié avec la phalange américaine jusqu’au terme de la saison 2021-2022.


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Ludwigshafen_23.03.09_031Violinist David Garrett cancels Proms in the Park appearance in London. Photo: Wikipedia