22nd October: London Guitar Festival celebrates 15th anniversary, Classic Producer Wolf Erichson passed away, Jean-François Lapointe has been appointed artistic director of the Opéra de Québec

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

London Guitar Festival celebrates 15th anniversary

The London Guitar Festival, now in its 15th year, takes place at Kings Place this weekend (25 – 27 October 2019) with a series of concerts, talks and workshops bringing new music and new experiences into focus.
Highlights for 2019 include:

  • Performances from internationally renowned classical guitarists such as David Russell and flamenco guitarists Antonia Jiménez, Afra Rubino and Bettina Flater
  • Premieres of new works by composers Errollyn Wallen, Laura Snowden and Graham Lynch
  • Venus and the Guitar: a full day of events focused on women and the guitar, including a free workshop on composing guitar for girls and young women under 18 with composers Effy and Litha Efthymiou; a panel discussion, ‘Women and the Guitar’, led by Thérèse Wassily Saba as panel chair; a Venus and the Guitar concert given by Laura Snowden, Amanda Cook, Kevin Cahill, VIDA Guitar Quartet and the G Plus Ensemble performing the works of women composers including Anna Meredith and Charlotte Bray
  • ‘Big Night of the Guitar’ includes the finals of the London International Guitar Competition 2019 and a performance from 2018 winner Emmanuele Sowicz
  • The Young Artist Platform (YAP) concert series, which aims to support the careers of young guitarists in the phase between music education and the concert platform

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Klassik-Produzent Wolf Erichson gestorben

Der Musikproduzent Wolf Erichson ist verstorben. Er wurde 91 Jahre alt.
Wolf Erichson begann seine Arbeit als Produzent 1957, als er bei Telefunken / Teldec für “Das Alte Werk” engagiert wurde. Er war vor allem für seine Aufnahmen in historischer Aufführungspraxis bekannt. Dafür arbeitete er mit Dirigenten wie Bruno Weil und Nikolaus Harnoncourt und Musikern wie Giuliano Carmignola und Anner Bylsma zusammen. So entstanden in den rund vierzig Jahren von Erichsens Karriere etwa 800 Schallplatten und CDs, von denen über fünfzig Produktionen ausgezeichnet wurden. Er arbeitete primär für sein 1970 gegründetes Label SEON (Abkürzung für Studio Erichson), ab 1991 für Sony Classical Vivarte. Wolf Erichson verstarb am 17. Oktober 2019 in seinem Haus in Frankreich.

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Classic Producer Wolf Erichson passed away

The music producer Wolf Erichson has passed away. He was 91 years old.
Wolf Erichson began his work as a producer in 1957 when he was engaged by Telefunken/Teldec for “Das Alte Werk”. He was known above all for his recordings in historical performance practice. He worked with conductors such as Bruno Weil and Nikolaus Harnoncourt and musicians such as Giuliano Carmignola and Anner Bylsma. In the forty years or so of Erichsen’s career, he has produced around 800 records and CDs, of which more than fifty have received awards. He worked primarily for his label SEON (abbreviation for Studio Erichson), founded in 1970, and from 1991 for Sony Classical Vivarte. Wolf Erichson died on 17 October 2019 at his home in France.

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Jean-François Lapointe prend la tête de l’Opéra de Québec

Les mélomanes français ne sont que trop bien placés pour le savoir, le Canada regorge d’excellents chanteurs francophones, dont plusieurs stars du monde lyrique d’aujoud’hui. C’est l’une d’elles, le baryton Jean-François Lapointe, qui vient d’être nommé directeur artistique de l’Opéra de Québec, pour succéder à Grégoire Legendre qui a occupé ce poste pendant un quart de siècle. « C’est avec enthousiasme que je me joins à l’équipe de l’Opéra de Québec, a déclaré l’artiste. Pour moi, cette nomination constitue une suite logique dans l’évolution de mon parcours professionnel. J’ai toujours été impliqué au niveau de la production d’opéras, et je me suis toujours intéressé à l’administration des arts. Mon mandat s’inscrit ainsi dans un désir de continuité, et je suis honoré d’avoir l’occasion de poursuivre le travail remarquable effectué au fil des ans par Grégoire Legendre »

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Jean-François Lapointe takes over as head of the Opéra de Québec

French music lovers are only too well placed to know, Canada is full of excellent French-speaking singers, including several stars from today’s opera world. One of them, baritone Jean-François Lapointe, who has just been appointed artistic director of the Opéra de Québec, succeeds Grégoire Legendre, who held this position for a quarter of a century. “It is with enthusiasm that I join the Opéra de Québec team,” said the artist. For me, this appointment is a logical continuation of the evolution of my professional career. I have always been involved in opera production, and I have always been interested in arts administration. My mandate is thus part of a desire for continuity, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to continue the remarkable work done over the years by Grégoire Legendre.

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