28th June: Sir Peter Maxwell Davies diagnosed with Leukaemia and HMV set to return to original site opened by Elgar

Friday 28th June 2013

Classic FM

German musicians beg Angela Merkel to allow instruments through customs

Daniel Barenboim, Andras Schiff, Viktoria Mullova and 27 other German performers are protesting against expensive customs regulations.


RSNO appoints new assistant conductor

Jean-Claude Picard is chosen over 162 hopefuls for the coveted two-year role

Classic FM

HMV to return to original site opened by Elgar

The entertainment chain has confirmed its flagship London store is to return to its original site, opened by Sir Edward Elgar in 1921.

The Telegraph

The Queen’s sick composer is cheered by royal support

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Master of the Queen’s Music, is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with acute leukaemia.

Classical Music Magazine

Southbank Centre strengthens links with In Harmony Lambeth

The Southbank Centre has announced a closer partnership with Lambeth Council on In Harmony Lambeth, with staff from the council joining the Southbank team to run the project on-site.

BBC Music Magazine

Japan ‘Pill-harmonic’ Orchestra prescribes classical music pieces for audience ailments

In a bid to counter falling concert attendance, the Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra has come up with the idea of prescribing classical music for a variety of ailments.

Die Welt

Den wahrhaft Liebenden ist keine Oper zu stürmisch

Für ihren Komponisten Benjamin Britten tun Engländer zum 100. Geburtstag alles: Seine Oper “Peter Grimes” wird am tosenden Nordseestrand aufgeführt, und Star-Tenor Ian Bostridge tanzt eine Pantomime.