20th September: Violin lessons – pointless? Opera singers’ human piano and Smith-Magnenis Syndrome

Friday 20th September 2013

New Statesman

Deal with it, parents: Violin lessons are pointless

Parents who drag their children through music and dance lessons in order to give them skills for life, are wasting their time says Mark Oppenheimer. Such lessons are pointless – but that needn’t be a bad thing 

Times Colonist (Victoria, Canada) 

Female trombonist fought battle against orchestra sexism

Abbie Conant didn’t anticipate that taking a job with the Munich Philharmonic would also mean entering a 13-year legal battle for human rights. But while she expressed discomfort at the term “trailblazer,” she said progress is sometimes just a matter of responding to daily injustices.

Classical Music Online

Opera singers make human piano

A human piano made up of opera singers has taken Quebec by storm at the city’s Festival d’Opéra. Members of the public were encourage to join in and test out the human piano by standing on the keys. Each key on the piano was represented by a different opera singer, each one assigned a specific note.

BBC News

Smith-Magenis Syndrome: Plight of boy who cries to music

The family of a boy who has a condition that makes him cry when he hears music hope raising awareness about him will make people more understanding. Certain music, such as classical or love songs, make Louis, 9, cry because they release emotions in his brain.


The Hilliard Ensemble celebrate 40th anniversary year with reunion concert

Founding and former members of the vocal ensemble join with current line-up to launch 2014 season

Reading Post

Classical Music Alive season aims to make music accessible for all

Reading Arts offers £10 ‘test drive’ tickets for those who have never been to a classical concert before

Classical Music Magazine

New music curriculum for English schools becomes law

Regulations for teaching music are included in the new national curriculum for state primary and secondary schools in England, which was published on 11 September and comes into force in September 2014. The new music curriculum reflects the rigorous, perhaps old-fashioned, approach to academic standards of Michael Gove.

Fono Forum

Kit Armstrong

Mit dem Begriff Genie sollte man vorsichtig umgehen, zu inflationär wird dieser gebraucht. Doch bei Kit Armstrong gerät man in Versuchung, ihn zu verwenden: Mit drei Jahren liest er das „Wall Street Journal“, mit acht debütiert er als Pianist mit Orchester, und mit neun beginnt er sein Mathematikstudium. Nun erscheint seine Solodebüt-CD bei Sony.

BBC News

BBC News