24th May: Stephen Fry Curates Festival, BBC Celebrates British Music and CT Scan for Violin

Friday 24th May 2013

The Independent

Stephen Fry to Ignite his passion for opera at festival

Stephen Fry has been named as the curator of an annual opera festival.

The Guardian

A disease called Richard? Wagner as mental health menace

In his time the composer’s ‘dangerously stimulating’ music was blamed for melancholy, hysteria, hypnosis and even triggering orgasm


BBC Radio 3 celebrates music of the British Isles

Month-long focus runs throughout June

The Spectator

Four recordings of Beethoven’s Ninth on a £10 app

Last weekend my iPad sucked me deeper into Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony than I thought possible.

BBC News

Titanic violin real, hospital CT scan suggests

A violin thought to be the one played by the band leader of the Titanic as it sank has been declared genuine following a CT scan at a hospital.

Southern Pro Musica set to provide classical music in Guildford

A £60,000 grant for a freelance chamber orchestra to provide classical music in Guildford is set to be approved on Thursday.



BBC News