The Imperfect Pearl

Monday 8th June 2015

The incredible tale of a forgotten Baroque composer whose scores were found in a box marked ‘Toilet Paper’ in a Bolivian monastery!

The story of the rediscovery of Domenico Zipoli’s works certainly is one-of-a-kind, and the innovative production of ‘The Imperfect Pearl,’ described as part-concert, part-opera and part-play, reflects the enigma surrounding the composer’s life.

In a tale of unrequited love, treacherous travel and inspirational music from European and South American Baroque composers, and Zipoli himself, Mark Latimer directs the Perola Barroca Ensemble, a group of musicians brought together especially for the performance, featuring renowned counter-tenor William Towers.

With a very successful UK tour drawing to an end, music-lovers from all corners of the country, from Cornwall to Cheshire, have gathered to witness this extraordinary production in an attempt to bring opera to remote locations, where access can often be very difficult.

If you are intrigued by a life ‘so odd that you probably couldn’t make up, even if you tried really, really hard’ (Mark Latimer) don’t miss your last chance to experience the magnificent portrayal of the life of a true legend!

See the Perola Barroca website for details of the final tour dates this week in Hereford and Cornwall, and keep an eye out for the announcement of a London finale later this year!