The Open Goldberg Project: looking forward to Classical:NEXT this month in Munich

Friday 18th May 2012

Kimiko Ishazaka and Robert Douglass will be featured at Munich’s Classical:NEXT conference on 31st May, where they will provide a demonstration of the Open Goldberg Project. Audience members will have the capability to see every note played via their partners’; MuseScore and SampleSumo’s unique technology.

Previously, the public domain Goldberg Variations scores and recordings were extremely hard to locate or non-existent. The Open Goldberg Project (OGP) desired to produce a public domain score and recording that is easily accessible to all. MuseScore.com is creating a public version of the score using open source software, based on an open peer review process.

Thanks to Robert Douglass’ vision, the project is realised! Through the use of crowd-funding via Kickstarter, the OGP raised over $20,000. Embracing technology – from raising funds to online publishing to open peer review and sourcing – is a distinguishing feature of the project.

The score and recording will be available for digital download on 28th May 2012.

For more information on the Variations and the free download please visit the OPG website here

For more information on Classical:NEXT please visit their website here

For information on the new technolgy used please visit MuseScore’s website here and SampleSumo’s here