5th June: YouTube destroying music, Peter Grimes, Music at French Stations & La Scala

Wednesday 5th June 2013


YouTube ‘destroying music’, pianist says in angry protest

Polish musician caught a member of the audience filming him on a mobile phone when he was performing in Essen, German.


Liz Forgan: The City’s wealth is not reaching the arts

Liz Forgan, former head of the Arts Council, asks why our hedge fund managers – unlike Russian oligarchs – are not supporting their culture.

The Times

Why Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes is the greatest British opera

Almost 70 years after its premiere, Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes is getting its first production in the town in which it is set and where Britten lived for most of his life.


La Scala announces new Sovrintendente

Salzburg’s loss is La Scala’s gain…

Classic FM

Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart scare French gangs at stations

Stations in France are allowing passengers to choose the music, preferring classical pieces over other genres in the hope they might deter gangs of youths.

Berliner Zeitung

Der renommierte Pianist Krystian Zimerman hat in Nordrhein-Westfalen ein Klassikkonzert wegen eines illegalen Video-Mitschnitts unterbrochen und wütend die Bühne verlassen.


Krystian Zimerman